AccuScribe TM2210 LED Laser Scribing System

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Revolutionizing high-volume LED manufacturing

The AccuScribeTM 2210 is a production-proven, high-throughput laser scribing solution for LED manufacturing. Up to 18 wafers per hour can be achieved for superior productivity and significant reduction in cost of ownership with high system reliability. Process extendibility enables customers to leverage the system for multiple product classes. With its patented technology in sapphire scribing, the AccuScribe 2210 delivers higher LED light output extraction efficiency over conventional laser scribing systems.

At greater wafer throughputs, the AccuScribe 2210 continues to drive down the cost of ownership for LED manufacturers by delivering:

  • Automated loading and scanning of wafers for high throughput

  • Highly precise stage and laser controls to minimize scribe line widths

  • Effective debris contamination control ensures higher system availability for high volume manufacturing

  • Robust image enhancement for accurate scribe alignment

  • Wafer contour mapping accommodates variation wafer thickness uniformity

  • Operating flexibility to allow fully automated operation as well as manual operation for process development, monitoring or “hot-lot” operation


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