QuikLaze 50 STII

QuikLaze is an excellent productivity tool for LCD repair, semiconductor failure analysis, and light micromachining applications. QuikLaze can dramatically improve the productivity of IC design engineers and failure analysts by providing a valuable tool for quickly removing passivation materials and cutting circuit lines. The system can vastly improve the repair throughput for LCD repair by quickly removing shorts and defects.

  • Precise cutting on a microscopic level.
  • Fast throughput using selectable repetition rates from single shot to 50 Hz continuous.
  • Compact laser-head design for mounting on a microscope or on high-volume production equipment.
  • Cutting of various materials with our various wavelength (1064nm, 532nm, 355nm, and/or 266nm) configurations.


QuikLaze 50STII is a tool designed specifically for quick, easy removal of a variety of materials. Multiple, user-selectable wavelengths provide the capability to selectively remove certain materials while leaving others unaffected. A few examples of the procedures that can be efficiently performed using QuikLaze include:

  • Remove ITO shorts—cut metal traces on LCD panels
  • Remove polyimide prior to FIB edits
  • Color filter repair/cell repair


IR Energy used to make a 15 x 110 µm cut in an Indium Tin Oxide line (left image). Also, UV used for polyimide removal of a 40 µm x 40 µm area (right image).

Standard Configuration

  • Laser head (vertical mount) with 2.5mm x 2.5mm aperture.
  • XY Shutter (Std. Resolution)
  • Close-loop energy control (1)
  • 2.4m umbilical
  • Power supply
  • Remote Control Panel
  • Foot switch
  • Video spot marker


  • Beam blended mode option (only for IR/GR (2)
  • High resolution X-Y shutter
  • Rotational X-Y shutter (aperture) ± 90° (3)
  • 4.0 mm x 4.0 mm aperture size
  • Rotating Polarizer (0° – 180°) optimized for cell repair
  • External & LED (internal) spot marker
  • Mounting Options: Vertical or Horizontal

1 Close-loop energy control is designed to compensate for the degradation of the flash lamp over the life of the device and to provide consistent energy output.
2 Beam blended mode option available as follows: IR(70%) Green(30%) with tolerance of ±5%. This option is not available with the close-loop energy control.
3 Optional rotation shutter is not available for A-Zoom microscope.

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