The PyroPhotonics Advantage

Shape laser pulses to exact specifications. Create new processes. Develop new applications. Get to market faster. Reshape what’s possible with the PyroFlex™ laser platform.

The PyroFlex™ Series pulsed laser platform allows you to: Tailor individual pulse parameters including width, height and repetition rate; Precisely shape pulses and complex pulse trains; Access pulse-on-demand in-process; Operate at infrared, green and ultraviolet wavelengths; and Take advantage of all the benefits of a fiber laser architecture.

PyroFlex™ technology also lets you:
  • Develop new proprietary applications;
  • Multiply paths to revenue;
  • Get new applications to market faster; and
  • Gain a competitive advantage.

Do more than you ever thought possible in:

• Wafer and ceramic processing • Via drilling • Micromachining • Precision drilling • Micro-welding • LCD and Solar Cell processing • Memory repair • Ablative processes

PyroFlex™ Series

The infrared version of the PyroFlex™ 25 Series delivers a maximum peak power of 25kW with an average power up to 25 watts, in continuously tuneable pulse durations from 2-120 nanoseconds; frequency doubling (532nm) and tripling (355nm) modules are available. The system also includes an optional internal electro-mechanical shutter with power monitoring capability.