NWR266 Large Beam Laser Ablation System

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The new NWR266, a large beam, 266nm UV Nd:YAG laser ablation system is designed to boost ICP-OES and ICP-MS sensitivity well beyond the abilities of all other 266 laser ablation systems.

The NWR266 produces flat craters ranging from 20µm to 750µm in diameter through precision, aperture imaging. This system also features VERTM, (Vernier Extended Range Increments) functionality that extends these aperture imaged flat spot sizes from 20µm to greater than 1100µm.

  • Flat, pre-calibrated spots from 30µm spots and up to > 750µm.

  • VERITM functionality for spots from 20µm to >1200µm. ICP-OES detection limits of < 1µg/g (1ppm), are possible.

  • ICP-MS detection limits of < 1ng/g (1ppb), are possible.

  • >15J/cm2 energy density. Enough to efficiently ablate glass, steel, noble metals, plastics, ceramics and biological matrices.

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