NWR213 Laser Ablation System

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NWR213 is a third generation, high-performance Nd:YAG deep UV (213nm) laser ablation system that provides flat craters and high absorption for the analysis of opaque and transparent materials alike. The deep UV 213nm wavelength produces finer particle distribution. This increases transport efficiency of the aerosol resulting in better sensitivities and minimal deposits at the plasma.

  • Higher absorption rate at 213nm vastly improvesablation of all materials Including fragile and easily cleaved minerals

  • Resonator-flat" beam and specialized beam delivery system yields flat craters with energy densities that remain constant when changing spot sizes

  • ESI's Infinitely Variable Aperture options

  • ESI's XYR for rotating square and rectangular ablations

  • Two Volume cell technology as standard

  • TruLine technology for ultimate washout performance

  • Automated laser ablation process using the widely aclaimed New Wave Research ActiveView software, including layer management and image importation

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