Model 3555 High Capacitance MLCC Tester

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The Model 3555 performs high throughput electrical testing of large size multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) at productivity rates of up to 5,000 chips per minute.

  • Handles 0603 through 1812 chips (1608 through 4532 metric)

  • Flexibility to test MLCCs up to 100µF provides process flexibility and maximum utilization to lower testing costs

  • Multiple tests are simultaneously performed on an advanced handler using ESI’s patented rotary technology for continuous automation and reliable productivity

  • Total cost of ownership is further reduced by technologies delivering essential benefits to every component manufacturer’s process:

    • Extremely high yield

    • Reduced change-over time between lots

    • Low tooling cost

    • Reduced labor cost

    • Reduced floor spare